Friday, August 22, 2008

Summer, Bugs, Frogs and a Boy

Just a warning up front: the last picture is gross. I mean really, snotty, boy gross.

The lazy days of late summer offer many opportunities for boys to explore and learn about the world around them. Cicadas are funny little creatures that are born and live underground feeding off of tree sap from the roots. When they are ready to morph into winged adults, the nymphs come out of the ground and climb up any nearby tree or plant or even fence and shed their skin. They leave behind a great sci-fi shell.

My grandboy was completely fascinated. It took a lot of explaining to convince him that this was not a live creature, and then even more for him to believe that it was not a dead bug.

I tried and tried to get him to pronounce ci-ca-da, but it kept coming out mikayla.

This just isn't the image that Mikayla brings to my mind.

But he enjoyed it.

Then, a few days later he discovered that our yard has an entire community of frogs inhabiting it.
Maybe his mom should have wiped his nose before she snapped this picture. Ya think? It does say "All Boy" though. Oh, and when he saw this picture he found it necessary to remind me that those are the frogs' butts in the picture.


Starr said...

ROFLOL TERRI!! Although all those bug pictures totally grossed me out. I still found them fascinating. Amazing pics! And the little boy snotty nose with the frogs..... priceless! LOL

Nikki said...

That is SO funny! That's a total icky boy picture.

Donna and Caitlyn said...

Oh my do these pictures bring back memories! Even though I am NOT a boy, I loved playing with those "dead bugs" when I was a kid. I would put them on my shirt and walk around with them. LOL I was fascinated with frogs as well. I still am. Those pictures are absolutely fantastic! I love the one of your grandboy. That is what little boys should be doing at that age.